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Photo courtesy of TrippleB Photography

Photo courtesy of TrippleB Photography

SUP n GO Race #4. Either smiling or gritting my teeth; perhaps both.

Alafia Classic MTB relay race 2013Alafia Classic 6 Hour Mountain bike relay race – family style. 2013

I am an advocate of outdoor play.  I hope there are other like minded individuals who will join me in my call to action.  Go Outside, People!  I fear it is a dying past time; too many folks spend their free time taping out texts and staring at a screen.  Ironically, if you are reading this, you are obviously reading a screen. Please be sure to negate this time with electronic-free outdoor time. I’ll do the same.

About Me: Mountain biking, standup paddle boarding, running, and surfing are just a few of the activities that are essential to my health, happiness, and mental well being.  My husband and playmate is equally active.  Together we have two children (9 and 6 years old*), 12  bikes, 2 standup paddle boards, 7 surfboards, 7 skateboards, 2 snowboards, a handful of windsurfers, and 1 Airstream trailer. (*Numerical data were updated 6/04/12)

I’ve been racing stand up paddleboards for over three years. I’ve toed the starting line of countless running races ranging from 5K to the marathon.  I’ve done a handful of sprint and olympic distance triathlons  as well as mountain bike races way back in the day.  I am passionate about cyclocross.  These are my people: lovers of bikes, serious athletes who do not take themselves seriously, and typically love beer and a good laugh, like myself.

I recently earned my masters degree in Biology and am looking for a part-time career that melds my love of biological science, past teaching experience, and the outdoors.

DSC00203When you don’t trust your bathing suit, you wear a rash guard.

FL State CX Championship 2013Rally around Kung Fu Panda at the Florida State Cyclocross Championship 2013

Still curious?  More of me on the web:

Motivational Monday with Kristin

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8 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Stormy says:

    I love the life you live, keep sharing it and the playful life :)

  2. Kirsten McDowall says:

    My girl…my she-crush! I hope mountain life will be treating you well Wednesday as you cross to the other side. You will be in my heart as I will be living vicariously through your adventures with my nose in a book. Happy early birthday my friend! You inspire me and make me proud! Love you. xoxo

  3. battymatilda says:

    Wow, you’re amazing I started doing 5 ks last year for health reasons. I actually really love them and we have quite a few here in Jamaica. I had stopped off to say thanks for liking my post, but now I think I should go biking or something lol This is an awesome blog and i’ll be following right along with everybody-else. Thanks again.

    • OutsideKMA says:

      Hi Batty Matilda from Jamaica!
      Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog. 5Ks – oy. those hurt. I try to keep those to a minimum. If you’re by the water, you ought to give stand up paddling a try. :)

      • battymatilda says:

        You know it’s weird, we are an island but we don’t do much by way of water sports here. Surfing has developed a small but devoted following though. I never have, but I did swim competitively as a child. Hmm, maybe I should give paddling a try, the pictures sure look fun :-)

  4. You rock and living life to its fullest!!!!

  5. I love when it runs in the family! LUCKY people!!! :D

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